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Doctor Seaweed® (aka Dr Craig Rose) is a marine biologist who is passionate about bringing all the wonderful benefits of seaweed into your everyday life, and in ways that you’ll love. Craig’s vision is to see everyone able to enjoy and benefit from sustainable seaweed and to ensure it is not seen as being weird, but wonderful.

And he really knows his stuff. Having worked with seaweed for many years, Craig is also on the Management Group of the Scottish Seaweed Industry Association and is an advisor to the British Phycological Society’s Applied Algae Group.  He was a PhD supervisor at Newcastle University and a guest member of staff in the School of Marine Science.

Aside from managing Seaweed & Co., Craig is actively engaged with the media, appearing on the BBC, Channel 4 and in numerous newspapers and magazines. He is also a regular speaker at national and international trade events.


Seaweed is a forgotten food, which was widely used in the past as one of the most abundant sources of natural nutrition. Despite this, there is often limited awareness of seaweed for health and nutrition, and with many people unsure how to use and benefit from seaweed.

Doctor Seaweed® is on a mission to educate and advise people on the amazing health benefits of seaweed and make it easy to incorporate seaweed into their daily lifestyle and diets.

Our seaweed is sustainably harvested in the pristine and remote lochs of the Scottish Outer Hebrides, allowing us full control and traceability throughout our supply chain. Customers can be assured of our quality and sustainability.

Click "Learn More" below to read about our seaweed's provenance and to see that seaweed isn’t weird…its wonderful!


Seaweed is an abundant natural resource, but like all of nature, we have to treat it with respect and work in a sustainable way.

For our own seaweed, Doctor Seaweed® selected one species and source as the focus (Hebridean Ascophyllum nodosum) due to its wide range of health and nutrition benefits, and the ability to harvest large volumes in a sustainable way from pristine remote Scottish waters.

Our seaweed offers key nutrients that address many of the needs of the modern diet. Specifically, as a natural and good source of plant-based iodine, Doctor Seaweed's Weed & Wonderful® supplements provide this essential nutrient that many in the West are deficient in. The statistics are very worrying, with studies showing between 60-70% of females at various life stages in the UK having issues of iodine deficiency. In fact, seaweed is the only natural and good plant-based source of iodine, and by offering this natural iodine source, in convenient and easy-to-use formats such as supplements, it can support normal thyroid health, cognitive function, metabolism, skin health, nervous system and more.

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